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Public Interest has been developing innovative outreach strategies for public sector and non-profit organizations since 2002. Applying our expertise in communications, community engagement, policy development, and environmental initiatives, Public Interest connects to new communities, engages stakeholders and reaches out beyond the usual voices to get to the heart of the matter.

Our areas of expertise include:

Community Engagement

Public Interest delivers effective community engagement processes, stakeholder analyses, community consultations, group facilitation and community development programs.


Public Interest connects with key audiences to understand their motivations and generate communication, mobilization and social marketing strategies with impact.

Research and Policy

We draw on our ability to connect with communities to conduct research, create asset maps, carry out needs assessments, develop strategic plans, and build policy rooted in a sound understanding of the affected communities.

Non-profit capacity building

We work with board members, staff, clients, partners, funding agencies and the community at large to design and implement long-term organizational development.

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