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Public Interest works hand-in-hand with a diverse range of clients interested in social change and innovation in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

Our approach reflects our values and our objectives, both of which are focused on building the capacities of the organizations we work with and the people they serve. We work to overcome barriers such as language, culture and race that have prevented people from fully participating in the process. We innovate to find approaches that reflect real needs and priorities and produce long-lasting, positive impacts for our clients and the communities they serve. We create opportunities for the people affected by our work to have a meaningful voice in decision-making.

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Community engagement:

Public Interest specializes in designing and implementing inclusive consultation process to support community-based organizations and governments in their presentationefforts to better serve their communities. Our work is nationally recognized for its inclusive processes and positive outcomes. We do this by helping to build long-term partnerships, creating space and processes for dialogue among diverse groups, and working to implement community-based responses to local problems.


Public Interest leads initiatives that put issues on the public agenda, shifts public policy and persuades decision makers to support new initiatives or alternate policy options. We use community mobilization, communications, polling, focus groups as well as strategy and issue development to shape public opinion and public policy.

Research and Policy:

Public Interest team skilled at conducting research and public policy research analysis, including community-based research, best-practice reviews, literature reviews, polls and surveys, and focus groups.

Non-profit Capacity Building:

Public Interest provides a range of support to organizations to help expand and improve their capacities and organizational health. We design and facilitate anc-happy-kidstrategic planning processes, conduct program organizations, develop organizational policies and support the development of community-based initiatives. 

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