Public Interest has a strong track record developing communications and social marketing campaigns shape public policy. Public Interest has lead initiatives that have put issues on the public agenda, shifted public policy and persuaded decision makers to support new initiatives or alternate policy options. Public Interest uses community mobilization, communications, polling, focus groups as well as strategy and issue development to shape public opinion and public policy.

iTaxi Campaign Achieves Ground-breaking Victory at Toronto City Hall

Client: iTaxiworkers Association

itaxi-workersPublic Interest partnered with the iTaxiworkers Association to support a campaign demanding significant taxi reform policies from City Hall to make all taxicabs driver-owned, ending unfair cash grabs by various industry middlemen. The campaign won a decisive victory at City Council on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014. Rejecting a more conservative set of reforms, council voted 31 to 12 in favour of overhauling the taxi industry within the next ten years.  Hundreds of drivers wearing green t-shirts with logos proclaiming “No Middlemen” attended the council session and were overjoyed to witness the results.   

2014 Ice Storm

Ice Storm1On July 2, 2014, Public Interest released a report for CUPE Local One, written by partner Katrina Miller and community engagement worker Neemarie Alam, that presented front-line workers’ reviews of Toronto Hydro’s response to the ice storm of 2013.

“Toronto Works Better Together” – bargaining support

Client: CUPE Ontario

When Toronto Locals were in the spotlight during a contentious round of bargaining in 2012, CUPE called Public Interest for support. By engendering a responsive dialogue with community stakeholders and effective communications with the public, Public Interest helped connect residents’ support for protecting public services to protecting the workers that provide them.

Waste Collection Anti-Privatization Campaign

Client: CUPE 416

In 2011, the City of Toronto proposed contracting out half of the City’s waste collection services. Public Interest worked with CUPE Local 416, which represents the City’s waste collectors, to bring greater scrutiny to the proposal. As a result, City Council deferred the decision for six months. When the proposal eventually passed by a very close vote, it contained a number of amendments to improve transparency regarding the actual cost and quality of the contracted services.

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