The Public Interest team is skilled at conducting public policy research, including polls and surveys in several different languages.

The types of studies we have undertaken include:

  • Community-based research
  • Best-practice reviews
  • Literature reviews
  • Policy analyses
  • Polls and surveys
  • Focus groups

Public Interest provides expertise in designing community-based research projects that engage community members as researchers and “animators.” Public Interest trains community animators and provides them with user-friendly tools to coordinate discussions on topics affecting the neighbourhood in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways. This helps our work reach beyond the usual boundaries of community-based research and engage populations that are harder to reach.

Creating Immigrant Friendly Cities: A Program for Toronto

Cities around the world are making commitments to ensure immigrants and newcomers have access to the full range of services they offer regardless of the neighbourhood they live in, the language they speak, their culture, or background. These commitments are being backed up with real standards and accountability measures.

Social Development Plan – Regent Park

Client: Toronto Community Housing Corporation


Building upon extensive research we conducted on existing services and facilities within Regent Park, Public Interest assisted Toronto Community Housing and the City of Toronto in creating a social development plan to support the Regent Park community through the process of redevelopment.

Relocation Study – Regent Park Redevelopment

Client: Toronto Community Housing Corporation


In preparation for the relocation of 2,000 households during the reconstruction of Regent Park, Public Interest carried out detailed research on relocation strategies used in countries around the world. The research included a review of strategies used for each aspect of the relocation.

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