Community Revitalization Program – Scarborough Village Action for Neighbourhood Change

Clients: United Way, United Way of Greater Toronto

As part of the United Way’s national strategy to strengthen neighbourhoods facing significant challenges, Public Interest was chosen to deliver a two-year pilot program called Action for Neighbourhoood Change (ANC) in Toronto’s Scarborough Village community.

A national program located in five Canadian cities, ANC is designed to increase the involvement and connectedness of community members to help identify locally relevant ways to revitalize neighbourhoods. The program approach involves:

  • Working with residents in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways to identify community needs
  • Working with key public and private sector partners to respond to these needs
  • Creating a space and process for dialogue among different groups in the community

This highly successful project is now being used as a model for community revitalization by the United Way of Greater Toronto in several other neighbourhoods in Toronto, in partnership with local community organizations. The process of community engagement used in this project is also being used to guide national policy on neighbourhood renewal.

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